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A little about us

Until your house has a kitchen you love, is it really home?

At Kitchenmeister, we are a family run business that has been focusing on installing luxury kitchens at affordable prices for 35 years. Our aim is to transform a building from a house into your home. We want to deliver you beautiful kitchens in Doncaster that are also practical, allowing you and your family to create memories that will last forever.

You’re probably wondering what makes Kitchenmeister stand out from our competitors, right? The answer is our specialist team’s attention to detail. And our 35 years of experience and exciting history:

Fitted Kitchens Doncaster

In 1985 our founder Robin Marshall opened up a kitchen showroom in Doncaster, Beverley and East Yorkshire, since then we have expanded into many more areas including Doncaster. Over the years Doncaster has become one of our most valued territories and a town we are proud to serve.

As we have introduced exciting, unique kitchens in Doncaster, Yorkshire, we have learned about the history of this vibrant town. Doncaster is famous for horse racing and has one of the oldest racecourses in the world. As well as the world’s oldest classic horse race, dating back to 1776, that still runs every September.

Doncaster is located on the River Don, which is one of the reasons why the town is called Doncaster today. The “Don” comes from the river and “caster” comes from the fact that the area was a Roman settlement/military camp.

Doncaster is a historical market town that is modernising more and more. Like how our portfolio of bespoke, fitted kitchens in Doncaster, merges to offer both classic and contemporary options to suit your any kitchen design tastes.

If you’re in Doncaster and have ever wanted to have your home interior design dreams become a reality, we can help.

But what options do we offer?

Kitchen Ranges in Doncaster

Whatever your particular interior design taste all our fitted, bespoke kitchens will be the highest:

Quality  |  Practicality  |  Functionality  |  Stability

At Kitchenmeister, we are kitchen suppliers in Doncaster and are able to give you peace of mind over quality when choosing from our variety of luxury styles and materials. You don’t have to pick style over substance or vice-versa. You can have both!

We offer both a classic and formal range of kitchens that we can adapt to suit a variety of contemporary and traditional designs. All our kitchens are bespoke and fully ridged to any width, height, and depth to ensure you have total flexibility over your design choices.

But the real secret to amazing kitchens is simple: Beautiful Worktops.

The problem is how do you know a functional, high-quality stone kitchen worktop from some rock that’s had a bit of a wash?

Kitchen Worktops

To ensure we offer the best kitchen worktops we only do business with the finest stone material suppliers. Leading brands such as Silestone, Caeserstone, Sensa, Dekton, and Cambria. As a company, we want you to be able to choose from the best options available. If you would like to see any of our fitted kitchens or worktops feel free to pop into a showroom near you today.

Just like our bespoke kitchens, all our laminate worktops are custom designs. We manufacture each worktop to suit your home’s specific requirements and your style preferences. To guarantee your designer, laminate worktops are durable and will last, they are PUR bonded. This is to avoid any excess moisture contaminating and damaging your kitchen surface.

As important as a high-quality kitchen worktop is to a kitchen’s design it is not the only factor. While other kitchen suppliers may choose to focus only on kitchen worktops and design. At Kitchenmeister, we want to work as a team with you to discuss your design ideas and deliver dream kitchens in Doncaster.


Kitchenmeister is a family business with family values at heart. Not only do we design and install luxury kitchens but we also aim to improve your lifestyle and create a space for your family to create memories.
Bespoke Fitted Kitchen
Bespoke Fitted Kitchen   Bespoke Fitted Kitchen

And this is how we would deliver your dream kitchen:

How We Are Unique

Have you ever had a clear idea of what you want your home interior to look like? How easy was it to take the clear picture in your mind and make it become your new kitchen? From our customers experiences with other kitchen suppliers it’s impossible.

But unlike other kitchen companies, we approach each fitted kitchen design and installation with a family-first approach. This is because we are a family run company. And as you can tell from our name, have a detailed and efficient German work ethos. Our work ethic combined with high-quality materials and professional skills is why we can deliver you your dream kitchen.

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A kitchen is where you create some of the best parts of your day: Breakfast, Lunch, and Tea. It’s also a place where you and your family will build long-lasting memories. So, why miss out on the best kitchens possible?

If you live in Doncaster, East Yorkshire, or any other area we serve and are interested in any of Kitchenmeister’s services or would like a quote, telephone us on 01405 764316. Or fill out our enquiry form on our contact page today. Or pop into a showroom near you, so you can see the kitchens we offer before you choose from our kitchen ranges.

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