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Fitted Kitchens: Functionality Over Aesthetics

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When designing the kitchen of your dreams there might come a point where you need to choose practical over pretty. The countertop material you want might not be heat resistant or the cabinet style might open the wrong way. But this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style for practicality. Working with an expert kitchen design team will help you to find functional features that align with your interior design goals.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features of  fitted kitchens when it comes to choosing form over function.

Horizontal Vs Vertical Cabinet Doors

Traditional vertically hinged cabinet doors open outwards into the kitchen space, whereas horizontal ‘lift up’ cabinets open upwards. Lift ups can save space, they are especially popular for over counter cabinets and for housing appliances. They also offer a more contemporary aesthetic in modern kitchen designs.

If you have a busy kitchen or there’s family members passing through to access another area of the house, then cabinet door positioning is as much a practical decision as it is a design style consideration.

Good Lighting

Lighting is an essential design consideration for new fitted kitchens. From a style perspective, lighting can be used to create an ambient mood, or light fixtures become a decorative feature and functional lighting may be overlooked. It’s important to make sure you have adequate lighting in practical work spaces, food preparation and cooking areas, especially if sharp knives are being used. Depending on how you use your kitchen island you might also want the option of adjustable lighting for accentuating eating and social spaces. Avoiding dark corners and preventing accidental toe stubbing is another practical consideration when it comes to choosing lighting for your kitchen.

Carousel Units

carousel pull out kitchen cupboard

Carousel pull-out corner units are a popular option for a practical storage solution that’s in keeping with your kitchen design aesthetic. The cabinet door looks like any other cabinet in your fitted kitchen. What lies behind the door is a smart storage solution that can be used for anything from kitchen utensils and crockery to bulkier items like pans and appliances to keep countertops clear of clutter.

How Does Functionality Trump Aesthetical Design?

With the kitchen as the heart of your home, you probably use your kitchen more than any other room in your house. It’s essential that it doesn’t just look good, but that it’s functional and efficient to use. You don’t want to be struggling to find what you need to cook a simple meal, or getting frustrated that things are in the way, or that everyday items are difficult to reach. Cooking should be a pleasurable experience, not a frustrating struggle.

A Good-Looking Fitted Kitchen Is Not Enough

The best kitchen is a functional kitchen. You need to know what to incorporate into your kitchen to make sure it does everything you need. Kitchenmeister has extensive experience in providing a tailored fitted kitchen service. We take you from design idea to up and running cooking in your kitchen for your family. We believe in making kitchens personal to suit your style. When it comes to functionality and aesthetics why not have both? Give us a call today or visit our kitchen showroom and speak to one of our kitchen designers.

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