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How to Care for Your Kitchen Worktops

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Let’s face it, no one wants to scuff their brand new kitchen worktops. But no matter how careful you start out, can you say the same a few years down the line? Your worktops are going to see plenty of use over the coming years, and you probably don’t even realise just how much you rely on your worktops every single day.

We all want worktop surfaces that still look as beautiful as the day they were installed. It doesn’t matter which material your worktops are made out of; granite, quartz, wood and laminate worktops all need to be cleaned and properly maintained to ensure their longevity.

All of our worktops are made from durable materials and are designed to last for a long time with repeated use. But heat, grease and spills will eventually take their toll on even the most hard-wearing surfaces.

Follow our quick guide to take better care of your worktops to keep them clean and scuff free.

Kitchen Worktop Cleaning Guide

In this guide, we are giving you a quick overview of how you can take better care of your kitchen worktops. Here are our top tips for maintaining stone worktops, caring for wood worktops and protecting laminate worktops.

Top Kitchen Worktop Tips

For all worktop types we recommend you follow these simple tips to keep your counters in tip top condition.

• Always use a chopping board
• Wipe up any spills straight away
• Never use bleach, even on stubborn stains
• Avoid using wire scourers on worktop surfaces
• Place hot pans on a trivet, pan stand or heat protective mat
• We recommend using microfibre cloths for cleaning and drying

Caring for Wooden Worktops

Wooden worktop styles and solid wood worktops are easy to clean. Although these surfaces can be sensitive, so it’s important to take the time to clean them properly.

• For everyday cleaning simply wipe down with warm soapy water using a soft damp cloth.

• For stubborn stains use a special wood worktop cleaner, available from most DIY and hardware stores.

• Remember to rub along the grain and take care not to over wet the surface.

Solid wood worktops require a little additional attention and will also need oiling to protect the surface.

Caring for Laminate Worktops

Laminate worktops are also easy to clean although they are sensitive to water and must be dried thoroughly after cleaning.

• For everyday cleaning use warm soapy water or a multi-purpose antibacterial spray with a damp cloth. To avoid streaking rinse off all soap residue with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

• If your worktop loses its shine and start to look dull you can restore its glory with a laminate polish and buff with a dry cloth.

Caring for Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are one of the most popular stone worktops, and for good reason. They’re extremely durable and hard-wearing, but that doesn’t mean that you can neglect them. Granite surfaces require a little extra care.

• For everyday cleaning use hot soapy water with a soft cloth and then dry with a chamois leather for a streak free shine.

• Regular dusting is recommended to keep the surface shiny.

• Remember to use coasters for hot drinks and alcoholic drinks to prevent staining.

Granite is a porous material and exposure to acidic liquids like lemon juice, beetroot, wine, highly alkaline or chlorinated cleaning products may dull the stone surface.

Caring for Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops such as Silestone, Cimstone, Caesarstone, Compac and Quartzforms are non porous making them harder to stain, but the shiny lustrous surface can be easily scratched if you are not careful.

• For everyday cleaning use a soft cloth with warm water and antibacterial surface cleanser. Rinse off all soap residue with warm water and dry with a soft cloth to prevent streaks.

• For stubborn stains use a purpose made cleaner. And if your worktop starts to lose its shine use a purpose made polish too. Avoid using strong chemical cleaners. If in doubt, contact your kitchen designer or worktop manufacturer for advice.

• Remember to keep surfaces dust and crumb free to prevent scratches.

Caring for Marble Worktops

Marble is a highly durable surface and easy to clean but remember to avoid any abrasive detergents or acidic cleaning products.

• For everyday cleaning you can simply use warm water and a soft damp cloth. For stains and extra shine add a drop of multipurpose cleaner.

• Dry well with a soft cloth to get rid of all traces of moisture and avoid smears

Caring for Terrazzo Worktops

Terazzo is known for its durability, design and easy maintenance. This composite material made from marble, quartz and glass gives you a smooth shiny surface.

• For everyday cleaning use hot soapy water or a ph. neutral cleanser with a soft cloth.

• Dust regularly to keep the surface shine and avoid using waxes.

Avoid acidic cleaning products containing vinegar or lemon juice concentrates as this can damage the Terrazzo.

Durable Kitchen Worktops

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