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Kitchen Trends 2022

Kitchen Trends 2022 Porto GL kitchen in Ocean Blue

Some exciting kitchen trends have emerged over the last year. The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home. It's the room where family members gather to prepare, cook and eat meals together. The only way to install your dream kitchen is with a design that’s tailored to your home and family. Bespoke kitchen design has evolved over time to meet new demands such as extra functionality, having more counter space for cooking and baking, and incorporating modern appliances.

Here are some of our favourite design trends we’ve spotted that will help you make your next renovation transform your home in 2022.

Kitchen Trends 2022

The latest kitchen design trends are improving the style and functionality of fitted kitchens globally. Some of the key trends that prevailed in 2021 and are here to stay include:

Broken-Plan Kitchens

In broken-plan kitchen designs, zones are created in the same space by opening up walls and creating new connections between spaces. Perfect for creating different areas for cooking, entertaining and relaxing within your kitchen space.

Statement Surfaces

Statement surfaces can be more than just countertops! Add the wow factor to your designer kitchen with statement flooring, cabinets, backsplashes, wall art or even lighting.

Dining Islands

More than just a table, dining islands are a wonderful way to create multi-functional and versatile spaces in your kitchen. Extend your countertop workspace on top and add extra storage underneath. Use for casual family dinners, board game nights, or even homework time!

Concealed Appliances

Concealed appliances are a firm favourite in kitchen designs this year. The stylish, convenient way to keep your appliances out of sight when you’re not using them. It’s easy to maintain the clean look of a fitted kitchen design and keep your home clutter-free by using hidden stations and cabinets to conceal appliances.

Smart Storage

Storage space is always in high demand with bespoke kitchens and has gained even more popularity as people are striving to declutter their homes. Keep your kitchen organised by using smart storage solutions like pull-out cabinets and drawers, tall larder cabinets, clever corner units and shelving modules. Interior organisation systems for your cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils and pots and pans help keep everything tidy and in their place.

Industrial Design

The industrial kitchen is a popular design. Hard wearing surfaces like concrete and steel are perfect for functional, practical kitchens. Add a feeling of warmth to this utilitarian look by combining natural wood tones with deep coloured cabinetry or furniture. It’s easy to incorporate an industrial feel into your space by including pendant lighting, open shelving and chrome appliances.

Statement Taps

Make a style statement with your kitchen tapware. Instantly elevate the appeal of your kitchen sink by swapping the standard chrome faucet for a shiny metallic or brass finish. Add a pop of colour or have fun with some of the unique shapes, unusual handles or waterfall designs.

Hot Water On Demand

It’s not just about style when it comes to taps. It’s also about functionality. Having hot water on demand adds convenience and helps save time whether you’re cooking or just making a cup of tea. Multi-function or all-in-one taps also offer the choice of boiling chilled and sparkling filtered water in an instant. Safe and easy to operate these taps are also a great way to save energy, reduce plastic waste and impress your guests.

How Can Kitchenmeister Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality?

At Kitchenmeister, we believe that style and function should go hand in hand. Our team can help you bring your ideas to life and incorporate all the latest trends to design your dream kitchen. From innovative appliances to wow-factor worktops, we can help you revolutionise your home with cutting-edge design elements.

Whether it's a full remodel or an update to your existing kitchen - our highly skilled kitchen designers will guide you through the entire process. It’s easy to add a personal touch and create the kitchen of your dreams with our help. We design, supply, and install all types of bespoke kitchens in Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

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