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Latest Kitchen Design Trends

dark grey kitchen cabinets with brown oak cabinets

2021 has been the year where we’ve probably spent more time in our own kitchens than ever before. The impact on kitchen design trends is making it even more important to design kitchens around your daily lifestyle and how you cook, entertain and live in your kitchen space.

Whether we are talking about a full kitchen remodel or a deign refresh, these are some of the most popular trends we are seeing in kitchen design this year that are bound to stay the course into 2022 and beyond.

Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends

Concealed Kitchen Design

Spending so much time in the kitchen has instigated the need to cut down on the clutter for a minimalist design and a more spacious zen like kitchen experience. Kitchens can quickly appear busy and crowded with appliances cluttering worktops and giving the impression of a lack of space. Some of the latest kitchen design innovations solve this problem with concealed cooking spaces and invisibly integrated appliances.

Hidden Laundry Room in Kitchen

Going beyond the traditional built-in fridge freezer and washing machine you can now create concealed laundry rooms. Sliding doors, shutters and sliding surfaces can hide away sinks, storage stations, worktops and cooking appliances.

Kitchens are becoming multifunctional spaces with kitchen furniture looking more like living room furniture as home owners opt for continuity of style between living areas. A bespoke kitchen design can help you achieve a minimalist look with clean lines to optimise your interior space. You can even opt for anti-fingerprint technology for smudge free surfaces.

Statement Features

As the minimalist look is taking over the industry, statement features are the finishing touches that add personality to your kitchen design. And the statement doesn’t have to big to make an impact. Think sink taps, door handles, open shelving and decorative cookware.

Unusual combinations of colours or materials and textures to create contrast between surfaces.

Natural wood or stone paired with industrial metallics.

Seating areas with soft fabrics.


Loft Graphite Kitchen with exposed brickwork

Make a statement with the way you light up your kitchen with a choice of pendant lamps, under cabinet LEDs, in-cabinet lighting, downlights, spotlights, wall lamps, floor lamps or a show stopping chandelier.

Nothing is off limits when it comes to finding the right statement features to match your personality and style.

Luxurious Marble Effect Kitchens

Did marble ever go out of style? We think not. Synonymous with style and elegance, marble is a timeless classic when it comes to kitchen design. Marble is the ultimate luxury kitchen statement, high quality, premium price and maintenance intensive.

Alternative materials like quartz, hybrid surfaces that contain natural stone and innovative surfaces from brands like Cosentino and Caesarstone are increasingly popular ways to effortlessly add a touch of luxury to your kitchen space.

Merkur Carrara Marble Kitchen

Mimicking the natural design appeal of marble with a premium looking finish but without the maintenance. These marble effect surfaces are a more durable, more practical and more affordable way to achieve the luxe look.

Just like real marble you can chose large veining for open spaces, expansive worktops and island centrepieces. And small veining with more intricate detail for compact luxury kitchens.

Paired with gold accessories and sink details, dark colours or warm textured woods, you can create an opulent yet homely look to withstand the test of time.

Dark Colours

Dark colour schemes don’t mean a dark kitchen. Pairing darker tones with textured woods or natural stones creates a warm inviting kitchen. Another way to create a luxury kitchen look is to add depth with a dark colour.

Dark Kitchen with wood AV6000

Combine dark work surfaces with lighter coloured cabinets or go bold and pair a deep base colour with natural countertops. Vary tones and textures of black and charcoal greys. Opulent blues.

Whether you go with warm dark wood or industrial metallics you can complement or contrast with pops of colour, gold or copper accents and exposed brickwork.

Add darker tones to express your personality and charm for a timeless sophisticated kitchen style.your cooking style.

Broken-Plan Design

The ‘broken-plan’ or ‘zoned’ approach is set to take over open plan kitchen designs over the next decade. Open plan layouts tend to merge kitchen, living and dining areas into one space, whereas the ‘broken-plan’ model retains the spacious feel of open plan living whilst providing more varied spaces. These separate spaces create distinct zones to distinguish between cooking, entertaining, relaxing, and even remote working areas.

broken plan white kitchen

This interior design concept separates connected areas without putting up dividing walls. Instead, designers use freestanding furniture, cabinetry or shelving to create physical barriers between areas. Transitions between zones can also be achieved with integrated seating areas, connecting steps if there’s raised floors or even just different flooring materials to signal you are entering a new zone by look and texture.

The aim is to achieve the right balance of separation and togetherness within the home where function, aesthetic and technology combines to make day-to-day life a little easier.

Bespoke Kitchen Design

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