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What is a Fitted Kitchen?

fitted kitchen

A fitted kitchen is designed to make the best use of the space available, in a way that perfectly matches your needs. Similar to fitted wardrobes, fitted kitchens are a personal choice and are highly customised to allow for a great deal of flexibility during the design process.

Typically, a fitted kitchen design removes the free-standing equipment you would find in a traditional kitchen and replaces them with integrated appliances. Built in fridges, dishwashers and ovens create a clean, modern aesthetic for a seamless, sleek look.

Why Choose a Fitted Kitchen?

When you choose a fitted kitchen, you have control over every single element of the design. With a fitted kitchen you can create a premium look and feel that is completely customised to your tastes and budget. Plus, you get to design the kitchen around how you use it, so that it functions as good as it looks.

Fitted kitchens are designed to make the most out of your space, convenient layouts, clever storage and technology innovations all ensure your kitchen functions smoothly. You get to choose what’s important – integrated wine cooler, no problem. Integrated coffee machine, you got it.

A well-designed kitchen can also boost your property's value and is a good selling point to advertise when selling or renting your property. A fitted kitchen is an investment in your home.

How To Get a Fitted Kitchen?

There are two parts to getting a fitted kitchen: the design and the installation. It can be beneficial to look for a kitchen supplier who offers both of these services. You can hire a kitchen fitter to install a kitchen you’ve had designed, but there are many advantages of finding a company who provides their own fitters that are experts in installing their kitchen ranges. This can also be very helpful later on if you have any issues with your kitchen.

It may be tempting to simply replace your existing kitchen layout with new cabinets in a fresh style or colour scheme. But a professional kitchen designer will provide you with alternative layouts, and ideas you might not have thought of before. For inspiration check out your kitchen designer’s social media, request a brochure or visit their showroom (if open depending on COVID regulations.)

The first step to designing a fitted kitchen is for your kitchen designer to understand how you use your kitchen. They will ask you questions about how your kitchen fits into your lifestyle and what type of appliances you want as well as your preferences for style, colour and material.

The next step is to measure the available space. This is usually done by the kitchen designer with a visit to your home to ensure they get exact measurements, but keep in mind that COVID restrictions may not allow for this right now.

Once you have decided on your layout with your kitchen designer, it’s time to choose the finishing touches; interior storage systems, integrated lighting, soft closing door technology, anti-finger print surfaces and even built in Bluetooth sound system. Personalise your kitchen to your tastes.

Installing a Fitted Kitchen

Fitted kitchens are made bespoke to your kitchen design. Your kitchen supplier will discuss timescales with you. Some kitchen companies provide a fitting and installation service, others will require you to hire your own kitchen fitter, plumber, electrician, gas-fitter, etc. It’s important to choose qualified tradespeople to ensure your kitchen is installed safely and correctly.

Before installing your new bespoke kitchen check if the supplier will remove the old kitchen for you or if this is something you have to arrange yourself. Likewise for any remedial work such as plastering or flooring, you may need to have this work completed before your new kitchen can be fitted.

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